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Friday, April 27, 2007
eQSL Award
Ive been using eQSL for about three years and i am currently a Silver Member.During this time i have had the pleasure of receiving many eQSLs and also sent them off to DXCC all over the Globe.

I recently received an eQSL eDX Award for confirming 33 DXCC,and i am well on my way to obtaining the eDX100 Award,there are other eQSL Awards available to Hams and SWLs. To find out more visit the eQSL site via the link at the right column.

You can become a member of eQSL for free and for a small donation you can be a Bronze,Silver or a bit more cash gets you Gold status.Membership allows you to upload your own designs and other privileges.

Its still nice to receive paper QSL Cards and Ive had quite few of them lately via the Burro and a few direct.Many Thanks to all Stations exchanging both QSLs and eQSLS all are returned.

And finally some development on my search for a QSL Card Printing Company has finally come to an end with success with a Company here in U.K QSL FACTORY

The service so far has been excellent the Cards are on the print list and hopefully will be here in the next several days.

I have a small pile gathering of cards which i have to return so i guess i will be busy with the pen and my log for a while.That's another part of the hobbie which makes it fun,its surprising how many QSL Cards you end up with.

I am Looking forward to many more eQSLs,QSLs and QSOs to come,

73 to all thanks for visiting:)
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