Amateur Radio Kids Day

I had a fantastic father's day today with my two lovely daughters and YL louise. I also got to enjoy my oldest daughter Elsie make her first radio contact using my call during Amateur Radio Kids Day

The video shows my daughter getting on Ham Radio for the first time during Kids Day. Just after the video she worked into Kaliningradsk her first ever qso with ham operator Valentin - R2FAF 5/9 +. Well done Elsie!


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Congrats Elsie !!!. Simon, I have tried and listened out for others calling kids day. The second time of the day I tried I finally had a station from England on 40m willing to talk to Anneli. But she was shy and didn't want to say the call, hello or her name anymore. I hope for a retry next year. We should probabely try and make a sked next year. Elsie is doing a really great job calling CQ ;-). 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…

Thanks Bas, Elsie loved it! I think that is a great idea for Anneli and Elsie to make a qso. I will talk about Anneli and yourself to Elsie so she can get some imagination of a radio friend and create a bit of excitement. I am looking forward to the next time, it was a bit difficult to get any takers but good fun nevertheless! I'm sure Anneli had fun, have you downloaded the participation certificate link on the arrl kids day page for Anneli. Best 73 Simon & Elsie

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