Active and Well

Hope you're all well and safe during our World changing pandemic. On a positive I have been keeping my students from college engaged in online studies and experimenting with online streaming as well as using video to assist my learners.

I haven't done much if any live streaming previously so as you can imagine it's been quite good fun trying it out. Before I was a licensed ham I played music on a local broadcast station for 20 years and I have all my music as well as some new stuff. So I hit the decks and tried some live streaming on Facebook to a few friends. I must admit I have enjoyed it a bit too much lol. For information I play reggae.

I used the DJ setup to familiarise myself with Facebook live and see how I could get a clear and quality sounding audio with a view to trying it all in the shack. This turned out fairly cool and I have since live streamed my station on air working DX. The next thing that I thought I would have a look at was a group page to put the shack stream on where others could watch or add their own shack stream. So.....I created this group for anyone to join. Follow the link if you would like to listen or participate.
Ham Radio Operator Live

I will still be making my usual videos of DX and other Ham radio activities on my YouTube channel the Facebook streaming is an additional option to follow the latest antics from myself M0YKS Simon. Stay safe. Get a radio. 73


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