Looking Forward to 2022

As we say goodbye to another weird year of disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic, ironically everyone has caught Covid In my household including myself. The good thing is we seem to be not too ill just temperatures, aching and fatigue so far. As for ham radio it has been a good year for sure. I have enjoyed the next solar cycle starting up and have had plenty of good DX on HF. My activities via Space has been good with great results into the Satellites and ISS as well as improving the reception by moving the antenna array. I would say my /M operation has been less than I would have hoped for which of course is down to the fuel prices being unreasonable here in the UK. Our Government is determined to limit our travel one way or another. I will be glad when this year is finished with for sure, let's hope 2022 heads us all in a much more desirable direction. The best thing for me of 2021 is M7ELC Elsie my daughter getting on the air and not much else can beat that happy feeling. Have a good Christmas holiday all and a much better New year! 


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hope you will get healthy soon Simon and family. My believe is that everyone will get covid. So far we didn't get it. Hopefully the vaccin will protect us getting very ill. It was indeed an interesting year and especially for Elsie getting on air with her own license. Very special indeed since most youth isn't interested in radio at all. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2022 already. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Thanks again Bas, your comments are always appreciated my friend. Iam holding in there so far and the girls are not so ill thankfully. I agree totally about everyone getting it eventually. The only good thing is it will hopefully clear off before the holidays start for us. Hopefully when I stop sweating and feel better I can catch some DX 🤐.

In the meantime stay safe your side and all the best season greetings to you and your family. 73 buddy
VE9KK said…
Good morning Simon, very much enjoy reading your posts. Yes it sure has been an odd year but as you said the solar conditions are on the way up finally. Lets hope the COVID is on it's way out in 2022. At this end we so far have not had COVID.
73 and all the best in the New Year.
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Mike thanks for the comment and good to hear you are avoiding the virus your side. I have a good path to Canada from here and regularly work stations from over your side. It's been a bit quiet on an evening when I like to get on but that is probably the time of year. I do hear DX on 40m and 80m again now we are into winter. Hope you have a great Christmas and an even greater new year. Thanks again for the blog visit and support. Best 73 de Simon M0YKS and family.
F4FUL said…
Happy new year and good health!
MØYKS Simon said…
All the best to you Cyril, Have a good Christmas and happy 2022

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