2006 WWW CQ Contest

A few Stations from this years World Wide CQ Contest. I was operating on the FT847 Earth Station From Yaesu.The Antenna's i used were Hustler 6btv on 21mhz,and on 14mhz i was expermenting between the Hustler and a Hombrew 20m Dipole, which was horizontal in an L configaration.It is 33ft in total length and is made from good quality 3mm multi strand copper wire which is sleeved.The Antenna is resonant across the 20m band so i run direct from the 2 way switch i use to change between the Hustler and the Homebrew 20m Dipole,i was extremley surprised with the Dipole's excellent performance i managed 14 Zones and 8 new countries.

Here are some DXCC Worked on 21mhz using the Hustler 6BTV and 50W.

6W1RY Senagal,PR2A Brazil,3V6T Tunisia,CX5BW Uruguay,FY5KE French Guiana,K9BGL USA,V26B Antigua and Barbuda,VC3R Canada,ZS9X South Africa,8R1EA Guyana all worked and many others.

DXCC Worked on 14mhz using a combination of Hustler and Hombrew 20m Dipole

KC1XX USA,7S2E Sweden,UU7J Ukraine,VE2IM Canada,SX5P Dodecanese Is, all worked along with many others on the Hombrew Dipole and 50W on 14mhz.

FM/K9NW Martinique,P49Y Aruba,WP2Z U.S.Virgin Is,8P2K Barbados,YV4A Venezuela,9Y4NZ Trinidad & Tobago,CU2/OH1VR Azores, just a few of the many Stations i worked on 20M using the Hustler 6BTV and 50W on 14mhz.

On 80M i worked a couple of stations.

OT6A Belgium,CN2R Morocco and CT3YA Madeira on 3.5mhz using the G5RV which is about 25ft up.The Shack is situated on top of the edge of a very steep drop off on a nice hill known as Baildon Moor, my QTH is just about 1000ft above sea level.

I have had a fairley unactive week on the bands on an evening this week but have been operating mobile on the morning drive to work,i worked a few stations around Europe and i have herd activity on 20m from ZL and VK so who knows who's next H.I.
IF your a HAM maybe you will be on my next video! if your a blogger thanks for logging on to this blog. 73 to all


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