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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Bad Propagation?
Hello Radio People and Bloggers, I wonder what the HF Bands have been like in your neighbourhood?

Here in wet and windy West Yorkshire it has been extremely poor propagation for the last two weeks, infact ive not heard any Stations on 20M after mid afternoon and by the time i get in from work its been totally flat.

Early morning has not been much better on 20M, however i did here a ZL Station this morning whilst operating on my mobile-Toyota Rav4,Ft100 DX machine.

I have worked a few Stations in Europe whilst been /M, last weeks best contact from the home QTH was 5A7A from Libya operating on my FT847 with 50watts through the Hustler 6btv i managed a 5/9 report both ways.

The Hustler Vertical still seems to be an excellent performer for working DX stations, My antenna is ground mounted to a solid steel bar 1 &1/2 inch diameter by 5 feet long this is hammered into the ground. I do have a great take off of 1000ft above sea level and no QRN from mains powered households as i am out in the sticks on the top of the Moors.The only things to worry about is 100mph winds,wet and cold winters and wildlife.

The Hustler did me justice on 15m with a new Country/DXCC to add to my list and a well recieved eQSL from Darren G0TSM who was operating with the callsign C52T from The Gambia with another 5/9 QSO.

I have been active on 40m on monday evenings with the Air Cadets operating the Star Centre Station using the Ft1000mp and carolina windom 160.We worked a few European stations and the Cadets passed some greetings messages to some friendly Hams.

I have also been in QSO with some of my Ham friends operating on the 2M band from the home QTH and also working /Mobile, M5ZZZ Steve, G0GNU Jeff, M1PAC Phil and also 2E0DOG Ron are some of the Stations ive worked. At least when HF is quiet it is always nice to catch up with my regular QSOs and Radio pals.

I hope things improve on HF in the very near future, it would be nice to make some good DX on monday evenings so that the young up and coming Hams to be,The Air Traing Corps cadets get to see the real magic of propagation.

All the best 73 to each and all until the next post, have a good week Simon
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 6:14 pm  
  • At 12:52 pm, Blogger Byron N4TIZ said…

    Hello Simon..I agree the propagation on the HF bands has been rather uninspiring...fine effort on the blog and videos...i feel amateur radio needs more good examples and operators..Anyway hope you keep it up and look forward to working you on the air in the near future...73 from N4TIZ

  • At 6:16 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Hi Byron-N4TIZ thanks for your comments.I am glad to here i am not suffering the poor conditions alone!
    I am glad you like the blog/videos its a real pleasure to recieve good feedback from fellow Hams,you never know i might catch you on air and on camera. I wish you all the best DX and seasons greetings 73 Simon

  • At 10:46 am, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    Hi Simon
    You are right about BAD propagation , BUT some how PSK gets in OK! :))
    I have been so busy at home iv'e only been on the radio mobile,
    but this saturday(14th apr), I am hoping to get off to whitby for a drive with franca.I hope to take the 746 and the 20 mtr mobile whip
    will call on 14.180MHz +-10Kc
    I hope to get there about 12ish
    will have the mobile on in the car on TP coz that gets almost out there... Hope to hear you, and anyone else
    Regards Phil M1PAC

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