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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Operating PSK on 40m band
This is a short film of my station as i operate on psk which involves the use of radio and computer interfaced and making a contact with other ham stations using digital modes. T94KC is the other station in the film which i manage a QSO,i hope you enjoy the film!!!!

Ive been on 40m using PSK mode this week with some good results.I worked LU5ENM from Argentina using 40 watts through a G5RV earlier in the week and managed 15 different DXCC in total.

The Rigblaster that i recently aquirred has been a good investment as i have had many hours of fun experimenting with SSTV and now PSK modes. I seem to have become quite addicted to these great DX Tools especialy when the bands drop off on phone, as these two modes continue to be working even with very weak signals.

Hope to catch you on Air 73 and thanks for visting this site.
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