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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Fantastic results from my Mobile Station
Wow! who says the bands are dead! this morning i was on the same journey to work when i stumbled across ZL1BD-AL.He was signing off with a G station when i called in on my humble ft100 with 50watts through my mono band Maldol antenna and to his amazement and mine we managed a 10 min QSO whilst i was driving to work.He was 5/7 to 5/9 all the way and i returned with a 5/7,i was more than pleased with that and had a good rag chew with AL rather than a usual 5/9 73 which what usually happens H.I.
So anyone thinking about going mobile i can strongly recommend the Maldol HFC20 mobile antenna's.As far as the rig my FT100 is certainly proving to be a little gem,giving repeated regular fantastic results...

On Wednesday 21st i was tuning around the 20m band whilst driving to work and come across a strong VK station on my mobile ft100.To my delight i managed to sneak into the pile up with a 5/7 with VK9DNX which was quite a surprise with my 50watts and 1.2m long Maldol hfc20 mobile antenna.I herd other VK stations and also ZL stations were herd on my mobile station.this was between 8.00 and 8.30 am

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