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Sunday, July 29, 2007
NOOA 15 Sunday Night Pass Over My Part Of The Planet
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Hi Folks :-) I am happy to be able to say that we have been able to enjoy a rain free weekend with nice sunny intervals here at the QTH. Thankfully this has changed our moods too Happy, after a Terribly wet couple of months and I am pleased to say that after the bad weather all is well up on the Moor Tops of West Yorkshire.

Over the weekend Ive been listening on the bands, it hasn't been great but has had occasional DX openings especially on 20M with the odd strong Signals been heard from Indonesia and other DX countries.

I have been quite busy listening out for Weather satellites around 137.300mhz, 137.400mhz, 137.500mhz, 137.620mhz, 137.850mhz, & 137.912.5mhz. I have had some good results as we had some clear Sky's allowing better images of the different Countries of Europe possible. As you can see from the above image of tonights pass over my QTH I managed to receive signals on 137.500 mhz that were coming from NOAA 15.
NOAA 15 is just One of the many other weather monitoring and communication satellites available to experiment with the use of Radio equipment that Hams and SWLs can have fun with. I used my trusty surprisingly good listening big eared Yaesu Ft857 into the home brew vhf antenna, The rig is hooked up to the line in on the P.C sound card which is picked up by radio com 5.2 SAT-FAX decoder software, this set up keeps doing a fine job producing many excellent views from outta space.

The FT857 has really surprised me on how good of job it does whilst receiving these kind of Satellite signals. I operate the radio at very low output volume and set to FM not FMN.Further adjustments can be made using the audio in mixer on your P.C. It is important that to produce a clear image not to over do the vol level out of the rig into the sound card.

Quite a few people have commented on my Youtube videos about satellite receiving that the image quality is very good for the type of radio i am using it could be luck or maybe its not as difficult as you believe? ;-) I use just straight forward kit nothing to special. lol

That's all for now, have fun and if you want to Know more check out my Archives.

For those who Know already thanks for visiting 73!
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