Update On New Radio In The Mobile

I managed some good reports today whilst driving too and from my works QTH. At about 7.15 utc I worked into the Azores on 40m from the ft-857 with 50watts into a maldol hfc40 mono band antenna. I was given a 5/6 report which was well received at 5/9, I then tuned to 20m and switched to the hfc 20, where I managed a 5/9 into Italy just as I was arriving at work. The best report of all came on my home bound journey at around 15.45 utc from Gary EW1MM on 14.174mhz who I have made QSO with many times from my mobile, my home station, and at the STAR Centre.

Gary gave me a super critical report of sounding sharp and clear with a very occasional clip on the odd word.As soon as I was stationary I reduced the ssb mic gain down from 40 to 30. I will see how that setting works and hopefully it will be a true 5/9 if I can manage to refain from shouting into the mic, I have constant reminders from Louise that I can get quite loud when struglin to get through the QRM whilst in QSO. You no what its like when you get excited.

As far as the QRN I mentioned last time, the noise is only present on 14mhz whilst the engine is running, and when operating on 7mhz there is no noise what so ever. The next experiment will be re-routing of the coax to the 20m antenna mount, and I shall also check the mount ensuring a good earth to the chassis is still present.
But first, probably tomorrow morning I will exchange the 20m antenna to the mount of 40m antenna to see whether this eliminates the noise on 20m, if not I shall be trouble shooting as mentioned.

I would be grateful of any ideas and help, perhaps you have experienced something similar, if you have a few moments spare maybe you could comment with a magic cure that makes the rfi created by the engine disappear?

I shall catch up with you all soon with more on the ft-857/mobile in experimental mode. 73 tnx


Phaze58 said…
AH shoot
wrong posting
Re problem with interferance from car see prev post about FT-100
MØYKS Simon said…
I read the comment, thanks for the good idvice. catch you soon 73
Unknown said…

I'm running the FT-857D in my truck, and also experienced a bit of ignition noise. I've found the noise blanker on the 857 works wonders - I've no noise problems anymore. I don't remember off the top of my head what setting I'm using, but I'm sure that if you play with it you'll find the same result.

Cheers & 73,

MØYKS Simon said…
Thanks Ken, I decided to fix the ft-100 and all is well.

The ft-857 is back in doors doing a great job, I tried adjusting the NB settings like you said it worked much better. I like the bigger display on the ft-100 its easier to see whilst driving.

All the best and 73 Simon

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