CQ100 is a program for use exclusively by licenced radio amateurs and is a simple and effective
way to keep in touch with hams all over the globe 24 hours a day without any propagation.
If you are interested you can download a 3 month free trial if you follow this link
I have already heard many CQ calls through the CQ100 virtual radio and I will be listening out
for you all, and monitoring all the other bands at the same time on my real rigs!
73 C u agn


John said…
Is there anyone out there that knows if there is a copy of CQ 100 that will work with a Millenium Edition Windows operating system?
for the Love of God and all that decent please upgrade to Xp or above.
MØYKS Simon said…
As far as I am aware:

System Requirements:
CQ100 requires Windows 2000, XP, VISTA or Windows 7 with sound card, microphone and speakers (or headset).
A reliable internet connection is required with a speed of at least 33.6k dialup.

like KI6DGJ said an upgrade is the best way to go. Good luck
Unknown said…
Are there any plans to bring CQ100 to the iMac?
Unknown said…
Are there any plans to bring CQ100 to the iMac?
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Scott I don't believe it is available at the moment. Have you tried echolink on your iMac, that would work.
Unknown said…
Ipads are so popular. I can't understand why cq 100 does not do an Ipad App.
MØYKS Simon said…
Lets hope that the future apps might include more amateur radio content for all operating systems and devices. 73 thanks for all of the comments.
Unknown said…
It is the best $39..00 you will ever spend. Have fun right out of the box. License requirement a great thing. I haven't encountered any schlubs on the air. Twenty four hour a day enjoyment. Great for you night owels.
Unknown said…
Cq100 was a good alternative for those that could not put up an antenna.

I say (WAS) because now people are being banned from the program for not conforming to the goose-stepping frequency police that have Doug's ear!

It seems they wait until you renew your subscription, then a couple of days later you receive an error saying your account has been De-activated. They give you no reason this has happened and they will never answer an email. In other words, they have your money and you are gone with no recourse!

I know this is true because it happened to me after being a member for several years and to several people I know!

So do yourself a favor and stay away from this RIP-OFF!!!

Hamsphire is a good alternative!
BillyG said…
CQ-100 works fine with Windows 10. You can't beat the price either. However, I would gladly pay $100 for it if the author would please port it over to the Apple iPad. I think he's missing a golden opportunity here.
Anonymous said…
Peter asks:
Will CQ100 work with Mac Mini OS X 10.11.6? Do I have to go to ECHOLINK?
MØYKS Simon said…
It looks like it's windows only if you follow the link to the CQ100 download site.

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