Four stacked five element 20 meter yagi antennas

Ian VK3MOs Tower and four stacked five element 20 meter yagi antennas
worked by 2E0HTS using a Home brew 20M Delta Loop

Last Night I battled with the sleep that was forming in my Eyes and stayed up late working a few Distant DX Stations that were coming through on 20m SSB.

I worked Argentina first, LU2QC Osvaldo, with a 5/9 signal, followed by W1/GI0MPT Eamon, 5/9+ from south of Boston. Just after that my luck continued and got even better with VK3MO Ian, at 11.11pm UTC (12.11 Local time BST) who gave me a 5/9 report on 14.177.30. USB using his awesome antenna array, 100 watts and I think Ian was running an Icom rig and was also 5/9.

I used the good old ft767, 50w, with my full wave vertical home made delta loop to make both contacts.Whilst in RX, I compared the Loop to the Mono band vertical 20m ant, G5RV, and the Hustler.

Sorry Guys the home made Delta loop(vertically configured) put them all to Shame with no comparison, in fact none of the other antennas came close to the Loop's performance.

VK3MO, Ian is located in Melbourne Australia and he was a booming signal creating a nice little pile up, as you can see he runs an impressive antenna array so you should hear him fairly easily, where ever you are in the World.

73 and I hope to hear and work more nice DX signals to blog about in the near future.


Phaze58 said…
It looks like I should be putting together a 20 meter loop if that's what you are getting .
So to morrow I will be getting the bits together to make one , and I hope to operate it soon on SSTV,PSK31,RTTY
and maybe a bit of Phone..
good luck and good DX
de M1PAC
MØYKS Simon said…
Ha Ha yeh Right we will believe it when we see it

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