OX4BX friend of Hamradio.blogspot.com worked on 40M

Tonight I had the pleasure of working Tomas OK4BX who regularly shares information here on Hamradio.blogspot. Tomas came through 5/8 on 40m (7.093 LSB)at around 19.50 UTC, we tried 20 meters and was unsuccessful but managed it on 40 meters. I was using 50 watts, a 102 ft G5RV, and the FT-767 with the Heil Goldline Mic.
Hopefully Tomas will leave a comment containing his Station equipment used to make this QSO.

Thanks Tomas and hope to hear you again on the bands soon. 73 de Simon


Tomas said…
Simon, thanks very much for blogspot and of course for sked and qso. Your signal here was 5/2 + qrm, hard to copy for my ears. I used FT897, approx 80watts into vertical antenna by 15m above ground level.

I hope this our first qso was not last, hope to hear you soon again!

73 Tomas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hello Tomas it was good to make the Qso. You came through well between the Qrm and I look forward to many more contacts. Hopefully next time conditions will be just right, until then 73

de Simon 2E0HTS

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