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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Propagation Paradise on HF 20m & 40m
Since my return from EA6 the propagation seems to have improved substantially with terrific openings on 20m, and 40m late at night here at Baildon Moor U.K.
click on log to enlarge

I have had some amazing DX contacts each evening as I have operated into the early hours of the morning with contacts into Martinique and Netherlands Antilles on 40M using the G5RV. The biggest surprise happened whilst in SWL mode as I came across a nice informal Net on 7.185 lsb consisting of a nice group of US Hams. I have worked the US on 40m before during WWCQ Contest but this opportunity was not to be missed. I managed three different stations WA3QPX, K4KOM and W3ZKY with successful reports exchanged, the other guys were just in the noise as I was to them. The US guys were very pleased to be picking up little station 2E0HTS on 50watts and I went on to work more DX as you can see in the above log.

I also got the opportunity to work Ian VK3MO from Oz again as well as the other DX stations confirmed by the log. The propagation has definitely been favorable from around 2200 UTC in my home QTH, I hope things are now finally beginning to stabilise on the HF bands. It is great when you can generate a decent signal fairly QRP (50watts) and work stations like Joe KP2/AA1BU for the third year running in the month of July. I can almost set my calender by Joe's signal each July h.i. Other nice DX contacts include TI8II from Costa Rica which again was made on 20M with the home brew Delta loop antenna.

The next few evenings will be spent listening out SWLing and hopefully there will be more propagation paradise to be had.

Tonight is a beautiful sunny evening so if the sky is clear I shall be experimenting with my telescope catching up with the Astronomy hobbie by viewing the stars and observing some Low Earth Orbiting Satellites.

73 enjoy the Contest for those who are participating, myself I probably will give some points away but only for fun as I have not got my Contest serious head on at the moment.
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