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Saturday, July 26, 2008
QRP Portable Contact with C.R.A.G Member M3XLG
This afternoons walk was another chance to make a video and play radio using my little hand held transceiver.

We headed up to Bardon Moor from our QTH of Baildon Moor.

Yes we are Moorland addicts due to the peace and quiet, tranquility and the spectacular views you get in the unspoilt Moorland Country side.

Bardon Moor is even higher than our QTH(1000 ft) with heights of 1600 ft in places which work well for VHF hand held equipment.

I did'nt quite get to the maximum altitude as we only had a couple of hours and one bottle of drink each, which was needed at 23.5 degrees in the shade!

We got to 1165 feet and with a scenic view in all directions I decided to get the little 5watt Kenwood out of the bag and I commenced calling CQ CQ.

As usual on 2m FM there was an abundance of listeners but no takers, until after three or four shout outs were I received a reply.

The Station that had returned to my call was Chris M3XLG who put a 5/9+ signal to the TH-F7 with its Diamond SRH771 Aftermarket antenna I had fitted.

Chris M3XLG reply was well appreciated by myself it was a real pleasure having a nice rag chew with Chris as we have had a few QSOs in the past and it had been a while.

Chris was running 10 watts from an FT-857 and as you can see in the video His audio was excellent with a solid signal.

Chris M3XLG is also a member of the Craven Radio Amateur Group (C.R.A.G) which is a busy group of keen and dedicated radio hams that like to get out and about and also host many special events.

I often work the C.R.A.G operators during there expeditions across the bands and you can usually rely on some one from the group returning to your CQ call unlike other locals and Clubs.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

You can find out more at theC.R.A.G website

Here is the video I made whilst in QSO with M3XLG high up on Bardon Moor

Now where is my Telescope!

73 thanks for visiting.
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