The IOIo Satellite Antenna by EA4CYQ

After making many successful QSO on AO-51, SO-50 and AO-27 with the Arrow antenna using the two handheld Rigs, I have made a few new Ham friends who gave me some good tips regarding home brew SAT antenna's.

One Station Steve DL1YAL, gave me the link to EA4CYQ Juan's website showing his impressive SAT antenna the IOIo. The site contains detailed home brew construction information, which I followed using some 3mm TIG welding wire and PVC Tubing of Three different Diameters .

I made Three IOIo antenna's in total, the first one (MK I) worked well into VO-52 using SSB on the FT847 in the Shack. I was very impressed and wanted to experiment further, so I decided to try a slight change by changing the polarisation on 435MHz, making the antenna X shape. I gave the completed MK II to Phil M1PAC and as you see in the picture Phil has mounted it to a Tripod. Good luck with your set up Phil, and I hope to work you via one of the 'Birds' soon.

I then knocked up the MK III where I attached some more elements to see what might happen? I installed it on a tubular mast of 5 feet and aimed it N.W, I decided to try 144.300 to see if anyone was about to get a report when I heard a 5/5 signal coming from GM Scotland (150-200 Miles).

I called back on the new IOIo modified Beam and worked GM4CCC/P Chris at the Island of Isla IO65VO, exchanging 5/5 reports. I was extremely pleased with the IOIo beams great performance tested and compared. I tried to receive Chris on the Vertical and could not hear anything. The new beam was looking good, Tnx to EA4CYQ Juan for the design!

I finalised the test when I set the beam at about 15 degrees elevation,and about 200 degrees in a southerly direction, and awaited VO52 on 145.900 USB +/- RX frequency. I set the other VFO to the TX Up link frequency of 435.250 LSB.

It was'nt long before the signals came flooding into my FT-847, I successfully worked three Stations during the Pass.

I worked, DG6IMR, G7BTA, and EB3SA using the MK III IOIo with 5/9 exchanges and no Rotators.
So the result was excellent and I just keep turning the antenna in the the approaching VO-52 Satellite's direction at the moment before the SAT is in range.
Here are some images of the IOIo Satellite antenna's designed by EA4CYQ and built by myself 2E0HTS.

The MK I awaiting the two feeders which are soldered directly to the back of each loop.

The MK I Version in action.

The MK II Version in action at Phil M1PAC QTH in Keighley West Yorkshire.

The MK III Version at my QTH at 1000 ft ASL
I really enjoyed home brewing these antenna's, and it was an inexpensive way of creating a tool to allow SAT Operation. I await my next project whilst playing some more Ham Radio!

73 Tnx for reading. de Simon 2E0HTS


Phaze58 said…
Yep It works great
Now its all weather Proofed :)
I have fitted the angleometer :)
Now I just got to find my silva compas, instead of the tiny little one I got in a Lucky Bag.
I am going to take it up to The Keighley Gate sometime and try it from there,my QTH is surounded .
MØYKS Simon said…
Nice one!

Let me know when and I will be listening by. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Nice information Simon.
I've build my yagi-uda reffer to XE1MEX, but IOIo is another interesting part. I'd like to build one.
73 de Jon
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi There Jon YB2ECG,

Thanks for the comment and info about XE1MEX Yagi.

I am glad you enjoyed reading about my experiments with IOIo antennas. I have worked some excellent DX on 144 SSB and it is very good for the SATs.

Good luck with the project please and let me know how you get on? It would be nice to put some pictures of IOIos built by other Hams on this site ;-)

73 and hope to work you on the bands one day.

de Simon
Anonymous said…
Thanks Simon!
I build one very SOON!

73 Shawn, N3TEE
DaveR said…
Simon, sorrt that you didn't find the time to answer my email. I had several questions about your ioio varients, particularly III. I'm building a setup like your Diamond/IO combination and am working on the 2 m version.


Dave - W5GT
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Dave I found your email in my spam. Sorry for the delay in replying.

You asked:1) Do you have any plans for the MKIII Io antenna? I was thinking about adding some directors to an io and see that you have done that. How does it work?

My answer I tried some experiments adding extra directors but as I am fixed at a 30° elevation I found that the single loop works best as it has a wide transmission/broadbanded which makes it easier to acess the sats with out to much accuracy when aiming at it. Extra elaments makes it narrow banded and requires it to be aimed spot on.

2) is the MKIII better or worse than the io/10 element 440 diamond antenna combination? Do you plan (or need to) to add directors to the 2 meter io?

My Answer The IO-10 Element is my chioce of best final design. It works the best out of all of the previous experiments.

3) I'm trying to decide whether to go for an FT-857 or an FT-847 for satellite work...particularly on Field Day. I see that you have both. What would you recommend? The 847 is several hundred dollars higher, but is full duplex and is specifically setup for satellite work. However, it's also larger for Field Day portability.

My Answer: I would recommend the FT-847 over the FT-857. It is much easier to hear yourself on the downlink which is possible on the ft-847. If using a ft-857 it will have to be worked on a split/crossband setting.
4) I'm going with an azimuth only rotor instead of 2 eggbeaters. I see that is your preference at 30 degrees. Would you go that route again given your experience?

My Answer: I would definately go with 30° elevation. I have found it to be the best comprimise without a rotator.

Hope this is of help Dave, all the best with your new setup. G L and happy Satelite chasing!

Simon - better late than never! 73
Unknown said…
I'm wondering if you could post some more detail of your MKIII design, element size/spacing/etc as well as some photographs?

MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Kevin I have added more detail which includes dimensions here
2E0HTS Ham Radio downloads

best 73 Simon
Unknown said…
Simon, thanks for the update, I'm reading your IOio page now :)
M.T. Jones said…
Any need for a duplexer?
MØYKS Simon said…
No need as they are 2 separate feeds
MØYKS Simon said…
No need as they are 2 separate feeds

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