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Saturday, October 18, 2008
NA1SS Working Multiple Contacts and Sending SSTV Images Of The Earth

We have all been reading about the latest radio activity on board the ISS and many of us have been following the passes of the ISS, whilst waiting in anticipation to see if we can hear any interesting transmissions from the other side of the Ionosphere.

Today I got lucky and managed to not only receive a couple of Earth Shots from space, I also heard Richard Garriot (W5KWQ) working multiple contacts across Europe under the International Space Stations call sign, NA1SS.

Here MMSSTV Software is decoding the received ISS transmission

A closer look at the received image of N.West Europe

An image of the Atlantic

Satscape Screen shot of the position of the ISS as it moves away.

I used Yaesu the FT-847, the home brew IOIo beam, GS 250 rotator and MMSSTV to decode the images whilst tracking the ISS with Satscape. Incidentally I recently un-installed the Java version of Satscape and reverted to the previous version, as I found the Java version slowed down my connection speed an awful lot?
My Computer is now running back at its normal speed (Broadband Connection) with the earlier Satscape program.

I will be listening out for the ISS as well as the usual bands, have a nice weekend.

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