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Sunday, October 05, 2008
New Hardware Installation Gives Improved Performance
Computers have been running many amateur radio programs since the birth of the P.C. I have always tried to keep reasonably up to date with most software and recently decided to give my Intel Dual Core 3800 some new hardware which was to be some more Ram memory and a HD Graphics adaptor.

I compared the required hardware on the net where I got a good insight into the specifications available as well as the costs. Once I new what I wanted, I set off to my local shop and came away with both. 1 gig of ram memory(DDR) this was to compliment the existing memory, now doubling up to give 2 gigabytes of ram memory.
The graphics adaptor is a NVDIA 9600 GT 512 Megabytes HD card, I fitted it and with both items installed correctly the computer should give excellent performance.

With the new hardware installed i decided to back up my logs/data and then I formatted the C: drive completely wiping it clean ready for a fresh install.

The re-installation takes some time but is well worth it once all software/drivers are updated giving fast and reliable performance for a long time, whilst running all my favorite radio programs.

Here the mother board is exposed displaying the dual core processor(3800), the creative sound card used for all radio software and the ram hidden under the harnesses.

The NVIDIA GT 9600 512MB Card before the installation.
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