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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Todays Weather From NOOA-17 Satellite At 10.30 utc Over Europe
The WX-Weather has brought snow, wind and freezing temperatures to North Europe. At my QTH-Location Baildon Moor, N.England, at 1000ft above sea level the temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius last night and we had a threat of snow but it did not settle.

The bands were in good shape late last night/early this morning, as I worked Russia, The Ukraine, The USA and lots of other Stations from Europe using PSK31 on 40 & 80M.
All signals were loud on both bands with plenty of activity, I dragged my self away around 2am to get some sleep but it wasn't easy! h.i

At present the sun is beaming with outside temperatures at 5.0 degrees Celsius and the wind is stirring making it feel even colder.

The image I have just received is from Earth orbiting weather monitoring satellite NOOA 17, which just passed by heading South West. The image shows N.W and W Europe with N.England under heavy cloud cover. I believe this is probably the best image I have received for a while using the IOIo beam, FT-847 and radio com software.

73 de The Weather Man, 2E0HTS Simon
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 10:38 am  
  • At 6:39 pm, Blogger mvandewettering said…

    Very nice Simon. Most of the West Coast of the U.S. is under cloud cover this morning, so my picture isn't as nice, although it shows some nice cloud formations out over the pacific.

    NOAA 17 Over the West Coast

    I think I might need to add the capability to overlay continent outlines over the image. Although that's a lot more work than anything I've done so far. Perhaps I should just clean up what I've got and publish it.

  • At 1:39 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Tnx mark, We have had the same problem with extensive cloud cover over G-Land.

    I am always messing around with somthing trying to improove things!

    Hope you get some clear skys soon and good luck your side!

    I wonder what antenna your using?

    73 & TNX

  • At 7:10 pm, Blogger mvandewettering said…

    Hey Simon, I'm using my Arrow antenna that I use for all my FM satellite contacts, usually hooked to either my VX-3R or an old Radio Shack scanner set to Wide FM mode.

  • At 2:20 pm, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    I think all Si has to do is stick his head out of his window and take a piccy ;))
    looking forward to getting out & about now with the IOioi that Simon made me ,and "bazooka phil" can take his laptop out with his new tripod and maybe do some weather and amateur satellites.

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