Winter Wonder Land

This weekend brought freezing temperatures to the Yorkshire Moor where we live, I couldn't resist putting this spectacular view looking north west from my QTH up the Aire Valley on here for all to see. Normal visibility from this QTH is usually up to 30 miles, this weekends view was almost from a fairy tale. The QTH is at around 1000 ft above sea level and as you can see anywhere below a 1000 ft has been eaten up by freezing fog.
click on image to enlarge

Other news apart from the WX is I tried the Maldol HMC-6S on my mobile set up. The antenna is a bit on the big side for driving around with, but when stationary I was pleased to hear the multi banded beast pulling in some big signals on 20m. I checked the SWR on the 20m band and it was 1.1, the other bands were also working but propagation was not so lively. I will be fully testing the antenna in the near future on the other HF bands, more than likely when Spring arrives.
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That's all for now, just a quickie. 73

p.s Hope you had a great birthday Louise(M3TLL). :-)


Tomas said…
Nice inversion, nice antennas, nice pictures. We had here already first snow, perhaps sping will come soon :-) GL es 73
MØYKS Simon said…
Thanks Tomas, we got some of your snow h.i!

Hope all is well in your QTH.

Best 73 to you all!

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