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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Real Time Satellite Tracking
Searching round the internet I found this useful site for those of you that don’t have satellite tracking software. The site shows real time satellite tracking for a range of satellites. The ISS is the default satellite tracked on the homepage and it gives you useful information such as speed, altitude, elevation and azimuth position as well as the current longitudes and latitude. The site automatically works out your location from your computer’s IP address, you can also choose to add the satellites footprint and direction line

At the top of the page you can find menus for most popular, most tracked and latest launches. If you click on All Categories you’ll find a list of satellites listed which includes Amateur Radio and Weather satellites. Click on the type of satellite you are looking for and you’ll find a list of information including launch dates and the options to either ‘Track it’ or ‘Passes.’ If you choose ‘track it’ it will show you the satellites current position on Google Maps. If you choose ‘passes’ you will get a list of all predicted satellite passes over your home location for the next 5 days.

If you use iGoogle you can even get it as a gadget on your Google homepage, however the range of satellites you can track on the gadget are limited.

The site is well worth checking out. I will be giving it a more thorough test drive over the next few days to see how accurate it is, however it looks promising so far.

73 Happy Tracking!
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