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Saturday, January 03, 2009
W.A.B (Worked All Britain) HF Mobile Station
As the holiday draws to an end Louise (M3TLL), Dudley (Dx Hound) and I continue to make the most of our new walking boots and weather proof clothing and once again take to the Moorland high ground. We head up to Rombalds Moor totting up a few more miles whilst taking in the winter sights.

After the walk I decided to change the 20m Maldol for the HFC 80 and see if I could get into the W.A.B Net that was active on 3.760.0 LSB.

The Net Controller - GM3VTY Keith was receiving me well from SE14BRA and gave me the opportunity to work all of the other W.A.B Stations that were on the band.

I have been a member of W.A.B since 2004 and don't activate squares as regularly as I could whilst out in the mobile. After having so much fun today you can expect to hear 2E0HTS/M calling CQ W.A.B!

Hear is the video showing my W.A.B activity. Thanks to, GM3VTY, G8CBU, G0RQL, ON3WAB, G4JZF, G7WAB, EI9HQ, & G0TRB all worked from SE14BRA.
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