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Sunday, February 15, 2009
Visit To The Northern Cross Radio Rally
The Northern Cross Radio Rally took place earlier today and saw myself and Louise M3TLL  check out it's new venue at Ossett School near Wakefield. The new venue took a bit of finding and gave both Louise and myself a good chuckle when the guys operating the talk in frequency had difficulties in directing us in. Once we found our own way we were able to advise them and other rally travelling hams how to get there h.i

The Venue Ossett School

Once we ventured inside there were one or two interesting seller's with the usual plugs and fittings
This vendor got it right, very well organised in bags of 10, I bought £10 worth of PL259 plugs. It should keep me quiet for a week or two.
Tempting but I must have enough antenna's (according to the YL).
Some good reading courtesy of the RSGB book stand.

A nice selection of mobile antenna.
Junk Sale? Is there such a thing when it comes to radio equipment?
Myself 2E0HTS in shopping mode.
Other Yorkshire Hams on the hunt for a bargain.
The W.A.B (Worked All Britain) Stand run by Darren G0BWB & Brian G0BFJ. Great to meet you guys after hearing you on the W.A.B Net.

The W.A.B Stand
In fact I was so impressed I decided to buy a new book number from the new series that has recently started. The new book number I now have is 18433. My old series book number is 16382 so hope to work on a W.A.B frequency in the near future. More amazing the picture shows me signing and parting with Cash, not very Yorkshire like h.i.
Brian - G0BFJ and myself 2E0HTS - Simon.

Yes it is a really silly grin! But £12.00 for a discone antenna would probably do the same grin on any Hams face. Also a bag of W.A.B goodies and other bits. 
So a fun day had by all and 3 W.A.B square entries already in the new W.A.B book.  73 good DX and thanks to Louise M3TLL for the photo taking and all of the support as usual.
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