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Saturday, March 07, 2009
The 2E0HTS Portable Antenna Mast Mount
Since I sold my Toyota Rav 4 I haven't had the means of setting up the spare Hustler 6BTV - Base Station Multi Banded HF Vertical. I used the tow bar fixing which I had made and had some excellent results with that one, not to mention the 14,411 YouTube Views on the Video I made using it.

With the first Mast Mount Creating so much attention the pressure was on to come up with another Mast Mount strong enough to bear the Hustler's 6 Band Load in windy but typical Yorkshire conditions.

I had seen some wheel bearing Mast Mounts on eBay, so I decided to make up my own version which worked out well.

Materials used:

3mm Mild Steel Plate, Cut at 260mm wide X 550mm long.
25mm X 25mm X 3mm Angle Iron (L), Two pieces cut to a length of 550mm.
70mm X 70mm X 3mm plate square, Two pieces cut in half into a triangle to become gusset supports.
200mm diameter 3mm plate, cut plate into a half circle then drill 12, 6mm holes to be used as radial mounts.
38mm diameter mild steel bar, 600mm long used as mast stub. ( I used solid bar, but pipe is also OK).

I cut the plate using a guillotine with a 6mm a capacity, The angle iron strengthening strips were cut using a hack saw. The Iron bar was cut by band saw and the holes in the plate were cut using a plasma cutting torch.
I then assembled each component using the Metal Inert Gas (M.I.G) Welding process.
click on drawing to enlarge
Each joint is welded on both sides to ensure maximum strength 
Extra support provided by using gussets.
Pre drilled for accepting different radial wave lengths and cut to mate up to the Steel bar - Mast.
Tacked up ready to finish off the M.I.G Welding fun..
Some weight removed but strength still maintained using a plasma cutting torch.
The Proud owner and fabricator of Portable Mast Mount Number 2, Me Myself and I. (and you if you email me).
3 Tonnes of Toyota Estima holding down the Mount with the Hustler 6BTV fixed to it demonstrating its function.
The result... Looking good so far, will be building up the antenna properly soon and adding a few radials whilst trying it out on the FT-857 mobile/portable set up.
More to follow  regarding using the mount and antenna the next time I go out for a drive around, I will be looking forward to that!
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 3:30 pm  
  • At 7:34 pm, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    I Want ONE

  • At 7:24 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Congratulations on being the first as usual!

    Now you have got one, I look forward to hearing how you get on with your new Mast Stand!

    73 and any more takers?

  • At 10:01 pm, Blogger mu0chn said…

    Nice mast stand, will start making one on wednesday at nightschool. I see you have a link for the Guernsey College of Further Education on your site have you been there.
    73 Jes

  • At 9:00 am, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Hi Jes,

    good luck with your project.

    The reason why I have linked your college in Guernsey is because the lecturer who works there (john semenowicz) Is a old time friend of mine. We worked together over ten years at the college where I still work.

    I am also a lecturer in welding and fabrication as well as a ham ;-)

    If you see John Sem when your at night school, say hello from me he will know straight away who I am.

    Hope to work you on the bands soon.


    2E0HTS - Simon Davison

  • At 11:18 am, Blogger Unknown said…

    Oh yes! Verry darn nice. Your antenna mount design is EXACTLY what I went on the web to look for. So now I'm going to have to get one organised for portable ops over here in Sydney Australia. Thank you very much for publishing the details. 73 de David, vk2dmh.

  • At 7:22 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Hi David, glad to be of help. Its straight forward enough ;-) G L & 73

  • At 8:58 am, Blogger Steve Berke said…

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