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Monday, March 02, 2009
Last night before pulling the plug
Last night before pulling the plug, I had a last radio contact to make which was with M0OGY - Dave in North Lincolnshire.
I recently became friends with Dave - M0OGY, via the ever growing YouTube Community of "Hams" and "SWLs" that have some very interesting Amateur radio videos on YouTube.
Dave and I recently worked each other for the first time last week on 2M SSB .

Last nights QSO was worked on 80m a totally different band, which worked much better with bigger and louder signals sent and received.
Dave's Shack looks impressive and can be seen in his video as he works with a Yaesu FT-1000 Delta, G5RV and 100 Watts.

I used My Yaesu FT-767 GX, Heil GoldLine Mic, G5RV, and 50 Watts to make the contact with Dave.
Tnx Dave.
It is a useful tool to be able to use YouTube as a means of checking how your station is sounding at the other end of the QSO.
I will slightly back down the ALC after hearing myself on Dave - M0OGY's Video.

Watch Dave's YouTube Video of the QSO at his end, where you can hear us both up to no good. hi hi
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  • At 5:14 pm, Blogger SON OF BERNIE said…


    Nice job on the blog! I was especially interested in the section on SSTV which is a new mode for me. Can you tell me how you did the photo in your blog header? I assume it was done with Photoshop - could you tell me what filters you used to produce the effect? Anyway, it was very nicely done! Hope to see you on SSTV one of these days!

    73, Bill W1WH

  • At 10:22 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. I am glad you found my SSTV experiences interesting. I enjoy the SSTV side of radio and usually operate around 14.280 - 14.320 when the band is open.

    I normally use 35 watts, Ft-767GX, Nomic Rigblaster and MMSSTV 1.11G. Into Full a wave Delta Loop.

    The photoshop header was done by my girl friend Louise M3TLL using some filters which after trimming each of the three images used, changes the still pictures to cartoon style. Unfortunately remembering all of the effects seems to be a bit tricky and she said " Just have a mess around and you'll find it" h.i
    The program is photo shop CS2.
    I hope to see you on 20M soon Bill, Good DXing and best 73.


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