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Saturday, March 21, 2009
Welding Wire Dual band Satellite Yagi Project.
After seeing the pictures sent by Cyril F4FUL of his homemade dual band Arrow style Satellite Yagi, I finished off the prototype model I had been building during the week.
The newly finished off home brew Yagi antenna comprises of 4 X 144-146 MHz Elements & 8 X 432-435 MHz Elements. The Elements are made from 3.0 mm Welding Rod and the boom is a wooden broom handle. The Elements are gently tapped into 2.5mm (tight fitting) drilled holes in the boom. I used two lengths of 50 ohms Coax soldered straight on to each of the two bands driven folded dipole element.

Finished and all tuned up and ready to assemble to the mast.
I used a PVC mount which connected to the boom acting as a bush and allowed simple elevation adjustment locked off with a 6mm bolt.
Set at 30 Degrees Elevation looking southerly into this evenings sky.
Now it will be a case of testing as I have got some nice lengths of 6mm ally bar which is waiting to become either extra elements for the IOIo or a Cross Axis dual band yagi? I will have a better Idea of the best all round performance once the prototype welding wire model makes some QSO’s. I heard some good signals from South England and Scotland earlier on 144 SSB, It seems to be working ok so far only the test of time will tell.
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