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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Two Wheel Station
The past week has been a busy one both at work and at home but I still managed to play quite a lot of radio. I also got a bargain buy on Friday which was a Yamaha XT600E.
I am already considering the XT600E for portable off road radio operation and I will be fabricating some brackets to be used to mount the FT-100 and a mobile whip. I can also ride the Enduro machine up to the trig point located on the summit of Baildon Moor. Set up the Arrow beam and see what happens during the monthly VHFCC contests (WX permitting of course). The new Bike should prove to be an interesting way to play some Ham radio on two wheels rather than four, as well as getting to the slightly more difficult locations.
Picture shows the XT being guarded by DX Sniffer Dudley
Besides riding the Yamaha XT600E with Louise- M3TLL (riding pillion), I did work 6 Stations on 20M, 4 Stations on 40M, 13 Stations on 2M FM and 3 Stations Via VO-52 Satellite. Check the log for Call Signs and information. click to enlarge log

Antenna Swap
I recently went back to the IOIo for VHF work as it out performed the recently constructed 4 element yagi. The old saying “If it works, leave it well alone” came to mind when swapping back to the IOIo antenna.
When I have been active, propagation levels on the HF bands has remained fairly low with mainly DX openings happening in the early morning times. Hopefully solar activity will awake soon allowing some long awaited 10M DX activity, as well as opening up the other HF bands.
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