Despite the constant downpours of rain that we have been experiencing, as arranged from the previous weekend Barry - 2E0OOC fellow Ham and good friend was waiting for me as I returned home Sunday evening. He had recently changed his vehicle to a Toyota Estima which was the same as mine so I had offered to install his radio equipment for him as I had already established the best way to do the job. 2E0OOC 's rig and antenna's are also the same as what I use in the mobile which are: Yaesu FT-857 Rig & Maldol HFC Antenna's.
After around 90 minutes the Rig was mounted in the dash fed direct to the vehicle battery and I had fitted two antenna mounts (HF & VHF) to the rear of the vehicle. Barry was mobile once again and I was slightly weathered and rained on but satisfied with the result.
All in all a good evenings work!

I also have had the pleasure of working BARD member and fellow YouTuber M0OGY - Dave from North Lincs. This time we have worked each other mobile to mobile on three occasions over the last week.
Dave and I have caught each other on 2M FM around 17.03 local time during our journeys back home from work. M0OGY/M - Dave comes through well (5/6 - 5/9) as I am driving up the top of the moors at around 1000ft ASL.
I am not sure of the exact distance to Dave in Lincolnshire, but it is at least 70 - 80 miles East of my location.

I am always impressed with the mobile side of amateur radio both on HF and VHF, hope to work some more of you mobile stations "mobile to mobile" soon.


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