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Friday, July 17, 2009
Multi - Mode Holiday
At Day 4 of my 3 week holidays and some free time to spare, I spent the best part of yesterday playing radio as many ways as possible making some good QSOs throughout the day.

I played on HF using phone and digi modes and I also got to test the IO-Yagi on the VHF band as well as the LEO Satellites.

VO-52 Satellite, using the modified yagi.
IK3VZS - Italy 5/9.
IK5BNG – Italy 5/9.
F6BYJ – France 5/6.

PSK31, running 30w from the FT-767 and Nomic Rigblaster.
TG9AHM – Guatemala, 599.
EB7FBJ – Spain, 599.
ON5QB – Belgium, 599.
ON5PO – Belgium, 599.
OZ5THY – Denmark, 599.

HF/VHF – Bands, running 50w from the FT-767 using the delta loop, Doublet, Hustler 6BTV & IO beam
EA7TL. Spain, on 144.335 usb. 5/9. Sporadic E.
EA8CAC Canary Is, on 28.487 USB. 5/9.
LU3MCJ - Argentina, on 14.173 USB. 5/9.
HR2DMR – Honduras, on 14.180 USB 5/9.
VK3MO - Australia, on 14.169 USB 5/7.

There were some excellent conditions on all of the bands today as well as a burst of Sporadic - E. It was nice to hear some of the quieter bands open and being used.
Well its time to jump in the bed, cuddle up to the YL and get some shut eye, I wonder what tomorrow will bring? 73.
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