Over the weekend I celebrated 4 years of romance with my lovely YL Louise M3TLL. I first met Louise at work during the 2005 CQ World Wide DX Contest when we were involved with the STAR Centre project. Louise and I hit it off during the contest and I have managed to continue to catch the yearly contest ever since. I look forward to the CQ WW Contest every year as Louise always supports me by encouraging me to take part in the contest; it reminds her of when and how we met. I guess I am the lucky one when it comes to how we celebrate our anniversary playing radio during the CQ WW DX contest. I sure did get lucky and picked a good one there! Thanks for putting up with me Lou!

This Years CQ WW results gave me, 48 DXCC and 15 Zones.

14MHz, 21MHz, & 28MHz were worked using the FT-847 and Hustler 6BTV Vertical. Both 3.5MHz & 7MHz were worked using the FT-767 and a 135 ft Dipole. I made just over 100 QSO and gave away lots of points. Thanks to all participants and for all of the effort you all put in every year, once again I thoroughly enjoyed my anniversary.

See you next year and for those that are interested, here are the 48 DXCC and 15 Zones I worked over the weekend.

V26B- 21 MHz- ZONE 08- Antigua & Barbuda
LQ0F- 21 MHz- ZONE 13- Argentina
P40A- 21 MHz- ZONE 09- Aruba
OE5UAL- 28 MHz- ZONE 15- Austria
CU5CQ- 21 MHz- ZONE 14- Azores
8P5A- 21 MHz- ZONE 08- Barbados
OT5P- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 14- Belgium
AA4V/VP9/P- 21 MHz- ZONE 05- Bermuda
E73M- 28 MHz- ZONE 15- Bosnia Hercegovina
ZV5E- 21 MHz- ZONE 11- Brazil
LZ9W- 21 MHz- ZONE 20- Bulgaria
VE2IM- 14 MHz- ZONE 02- Canada
VY2ZM- 7 MHz- ZONE 05- Canada
VC3O- 14 MHz- ZONE 04- Canada
EA8MT- 21 MHz- ZONE 33- Canary Is
EE9K- 28 MHz- ZONE 33- Ceuta & Melilla
9A7A- 28 MHz- ZONE 15- Croatia
P33W- 21 MHz- ZONE 20- Cyprus
OL7R- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 15- Czech Republic
HI3K- 21 MHz- ZONE 08- Dominican Republic
RM3Q- 21 MHz- ZONE 16- European Russia
DF0HQ- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 14- Federal Republic of Germany
OG5B- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 15- Finland
F8AKC- 28 MHz- ZONE 14- France
FY5KE- 21 MHz- ZONE 09- French Guiana
4LOA- 21 MHz- ZONE 21- Georgia
OX2A- 21 MHz- ZONE 40- Greenland
HG1S- 7 MHz- ZONE 15- Hungary
IR4X- 21 MHz- ZONE 15- Italy
UP6P- 21 MHz- ZONE 17- Kazakstan
HB0/HB9AON- 7 MHz- ZONE 14- Liechtenstein
LY8O- 21 MHz- ZONE 15- Lithuania
CR3L- 7 MHz- ZONE 33- Madeira
ER4DX- 21 MHz- ZONE 16- Moldova
CN3A- 21 MHz- ZONE 33- Morocco
PJ2T- 21 MHz- ZONE 09- Netherlands Antilles
PI4DX- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 14- Netherlands
SP3GEM- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 14- Poland
YR1C- 21 MHz- ZONE 20- Romania
GM6NX- 7 MHz- ZONE 14- Scotland
YT7R- 28 MHz- ZONE 15- Serbia
YT7R- 7 MHz- ZONE 15- Serbia
OM8A- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 15- Slovakia
S53S- 7 MHz- ZONE 15- Slovenia
ED5T- 28 MHz- ZONE 14- Spain
V48M- 21 MHz- ZONE 08- St. Kitts and Nevis
FS/K1XM- 21 MHz- ZONE 08- St. Martin
HB9AAP- 14 MHz- ZONE 14- Switzerland
9Y4D- 14 MHz- ZONE 09- Trinidad & Tobago
W9RE- 21 MHz- ZONE 04- U.S.A.
K1TTT- 3.5 MHz- ZONE 05- U.S.A.


Tomas said…
Wish you the best to Lou and You ! Last full weekend in October is nice to memorize for aniversary, I think :-)

MØYKS Simon said…
Thank you Tomas,

We had a nice weekend and enjoyed our aniversary.

Catch you soon dear friend!

Captain Marbles said…
Fantastic, my YL is also supportive and has the presence of mind to say "that's great" when I'm bouncing around the room because I worked a new one :)

Cheers from the Scotsman in California.

Andrew - W6OR
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Andrew,

It is the best thing when the YL shows interest in any hobby especially our beloved Ham radio. Look after her mate she sounds great! My YL was actually talking to a couple of local Hams earlier on 70CMS using her call - M3TLL. It was a pleasure seeing her in action. (Very rare opportunity,h.i as Louise - M3TLL prefers to listen).

Best 73 and thanks for the nice comments.
Unknown said…
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