Metal Working

As well as Ham Radio I have always been interested in Motor Cycles and currently have four Bikes in my collection. I enjoy restoring old bikes and I am always tinkering around with something. I work in Engineering which has its advantages and comes in useful when building antennas, brackets, masts and most things that can be made of metal. This week, I needed to replace the exhaust on the Yamaha XT600e and had decided to go for a full stainless system which just needed the finishing touch with a matching stainless steel heat shield.

The Heat shield is now finished and can be seen in the picture.

I have also started to fabricate a light weight alloy radio and antenna mount to fix to the XT600 (Road legal) Enduro bike. I will be continuing with that project in and amongst my other ideas with pictures and info to follow.

I should be active on 20M & 2M tomorrow on our way to and from the National Ham Fest from the mobile during the daytime.
I hope to be active on the Satellites as well as HF sometime over the weekend from the QTH. I will be posting any activity on twitter as usual, thank you to all my new Twitter followers. 73 have a nice weekend.


Phaze58 said…
can't Wait to see you Lou & Dudley there at the Hamfest. I Like the new heatsheild Do you know that was one of my Fave Bikes.. I guess if I want to get on two wheel's again I am going to look for an enduro 125 .Then go in for my test of course this is all after I have had my knee joint replaced. Mid Life thingymajig . I still have a crash helmet, leather Jacket& gloves I am not going to give those away.despite what everyone else thinks I will be getting back on 2 wheels :)))))))
Regards M1PAC ( Phil )
MØYKS Simon said…
sounds like a good plan, get yourself fit and then a nice XT, XLR, or DR125 will be a good way to get back into bikes. We will be able to go for a ride out especially when Lou gets one as well ;-) we can talk Adam in to getting another bike as well h.i

73 catch you tomorrow at the Ham Fest

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