As well as Ham Radio, Work and Life in general, I have been studying in service with the University of HUDDERSFIELD.  This has meant that I have spent the last two years teaching, writing papers as well as reading and researching many different types of Theorists. It's been lots of hard work, self discipline and commitment but well worth the effort when I graduated earlier receiving a Certificate in Education (PCET).

I took my YL – Louise and Mum – Janet, to the Award Ceremony, where it was a proud moment for all.
MUM and Myself

Louise took some nice pictures to put up for you to see - 2E0HTS, washed, scrubbed and gowned, which is a once in a lifetime experience!
Louise and Myself However after seeing myself in the Cap and Gown I wouldn't be at all surprised if I am found to be appearing in the next Harry Potter, Hog-warts adventure, as a Wizard or something? Hope you enjoy these pictures…

The day was extra special as the Chancellors blessing was on screen from Professor Patrick Stewart, OBE, better known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The actual moment of Graduation

Group photo of my Tutor and Class 2007 - 2009 after our Graduation

Right thats it, time to get some Zs. Til next time....


Tomas said…

de ok4bx
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank You Very Much, Tomas.

all the best de Simon
Phaze58 said…
Well done mate
I know a graduate .Dont let Mrs Robinson get anywhere near you

Congratulations . Well deserved .
Unknown said…
Hello Simon,

As you maybe know, i follow your blog every weeks, and it's a real pleasure to read this good new.

Congratulations !!!! :)

Did you have a little trip with the Enterprise? ;-)

King regards,

Cyril - F4FUL
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank you very much Phil, I keep away from any Beatle h.i
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank You very much Cyril, It would be a great journey with the crew of Enterprise. For now it is a trip back to work h.i


Unknown said…

Thought of trying a mag mount on that mortar board? :)
MØYKS Simon said…
lol Thanks Julian, But at the time my Head was big enough to build a tower and yagi hi hi.

Back to Earth now though!
Thanks again!

ranprew said…
Outstanding achievement for an outstanding young man. Proud of your commitment and dedication .. as well as the sacrifices made by Nileypie. 73 es gud luk. Randy K4LJA
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank You Randy,

Those kind words that you have written have made me smile lots and lots.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said…
Hi Simon, well done mate, all the hard work paid off.
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Lawrie

Thanks for the comment. At least i will have more time to play radio now!!
Unknown said…
Hi simon, im a follower of your blog and your youtube,and i want to send u congratulations.

See u on the air.


MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Roberto,

Thank you very much for the nice comment.

It is a pleasure to have you following my Ham Radio Internet activities.

I hope to work you soon on the Bands!

73 Good DX

Steve GW7AAV said…
Congratulations, but that is not a look you should go for.

73 Steve GW7AAV
MØYKS Simon said…
tnx Steve, back in my tats now lol
Peter said…
Well done Simon!
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank you very much Peter! 73

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