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Sunday, October 31, 2010
The 2010 CQ World Wide Contest
Once again the Bands have become a mass of squawks and rumbles as Radio amateurs around the World battle it out across the HF bands trying to work as many SSB phone contacts amongst the racket of zones and signal reports. This is of course the very popular annual CQ WW Contest.

The main objective of the CQ WW Contest is for radio amateurs around the world to contact other amateurs in as many zones and countries as possible within 48 hrs. The World is divided into a total of 40 Zones. The Bands used during the contest are all bands, from 1.8MHz through to 28MHz, except for WARC bands.

I enjoy this Contest very much as it coincides with the anniversary of when Louise (M3TLL) and I first dated, Louise lets me play radio every year during our special weekend, as long as I pamper to her every need in between which is easily achievable hi hi.

During this year’s CQ WW Contest, I don’t believe that radio conditions were as good as previous years. I did not hear the volume of regular DX stations that I am used to hearing. I also noticed the higher end of the HF bands closing down completely in the early evening.

Despite poor conditions I was able to work some nice DX such as, Canada, USA , Kazakstan, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Senegal, U.S. Virgin Is and lots of Europe.
Despite my hard efforts which comprised of an FT1000mp MK-V and a CW160 & Hustler vertical antenna, I only managed 13 out of the 40 Zones before The Dog nearly left home. At this point, Louise was also considering chatting to the milk man. So with that in mind hi, I decided to call it a day a couple of hours shy of the finishing line which was 12 midnight local time.

Before I did, I managed to catch some Stations up and down the Bands on video (seen below) during the CQ WW Contest. Hope you enjoy watching the CQ WW video from my shack. 73
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 11:04 pm  
  • At 9:12 pm, Blogger PE4BAS, Bas said…

    Hi there Simon, you look like a very relaxing guy on the video. Nice to see what it was like in your shack. I had te same idea that propagation was not that good although I heard very strong signalson 15, 20 and 40m. 73, Bas

  • At 8:43 am, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Thanks for the comment Bas, Glad you like my shack ;-)

    I also heard some excellent signals but definately not as many as usual.

    Take care Bas, hope to catch up some where on the bands!

    Good Dx my friend & 73


  • At 9:21 pm, Blogger lurchermanuk said…

    Hi Simon was my first experance of cq ssb wwc as i told you at work mate worked 201 stations 57 countries and 16 zones love the station btw my wife thought id left her and was dissapointed when i came downstairs lol and i had my lurchers sat there looking so sorry for themselves all weekend

  • At 10:48 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Hi Dave,
    Congratulations on an excellent result! You should upload your log, You have done well there. I hear you well on 15 & 10M, definitely the biggest signal out of Skipton over this side.

    Hope the wife and furry companions have forgiven you, just got soaked through by torrential downpour whilst out with mine lol.

    Good DXing buddy, 73, see you at the College of Knowledge h.i

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