Todays NOAA 19 WX Satellite Image of N.Africa - Europe - Arctic Circle

Image received at 12.30 utc
Below is a screen shot of my computer screen as signals are received from the NOAA -19 Satellite on 137.100 MHz(fm)
To do this I use my IO-10 Satellite beam coupled to the Yaesu FT-847. The signal is fed to my P.C via a soundblaster sound card to be decoded into the image seen above.


Peter said…
Very nice Simon, I used to get great pleasure getting the NOAA satellite images using a Remote Imaging Group RX2 & APTDecoder.

I've since moved to the Eumetsat Eumetcast service which is a fixed satellite and images every 15mins :)

73 Pete, 2E0SQL
MØYKS Simon said…
Tnx Pete, Its another amazing side of radio that I really enjoy, nice to know you are also a WX Sat Ham op. Its always good to know who is interested in the same aspects of the hobby thanks very much for the comment and web links.

Best 73 and see you on twitter

de 2E0HTS Simon

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