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Monday, February 21, 2011
More Antenna Instalations
I awoke nice and early on Sunday morning, walked the dog and then listened to the local RSGB news broadcast as usual.

Straight after the weekly news broadcast, I headed outside and began installing a CAROLINA WINDOM 80 (133FT offset dipole).

The CW-80 tunes nicely from 80M to 10M and after listening around the bands for a short while yesterday, it seems to be performing well on 40M, 17M & 15M. I will be testing it further on the rest of the bands and recording the results.

The CW-80 is suspended between the House and a reasonably tall tree at the far end of the garden, as seen in the picture.
I shall be fixing the CW-80 higher up once I install a mast on the rear of the house which will help elevate the wire high above the roof.

The next job was to begin work on the Satellite antenna array that I am planing to use. I began by asembling the two antenna systems that I will be using, a 5 element 145MHz Yagi and a 30 element 435MHz X beam. I built both antennas up to a stage that can be completed when I am ready to finish the installation.

The next stage was to get the Yaesu GS5500 Azimuth/Elevation rotator set up. I wanted to check it and get it ready to be at hand for when I am at the construction/assembly stage.

Now, the not so fun part! Yes this was the part when the hard work started.

I began runing 2 control cables and 2 coaxial feeders from out in the garden to back inside the shack. (located at the opposite side of the house = Sods Law!).
I ended up spending a few hours doing the job of running the cables making sure that all cables were as neatly installed as possible. Finally I reached the back of my Yaesu FT-847 and GS5500 Azi/Ele Control unit, there I tinned/soldered the wires and connected them up ready for the outdoor work.

I finished yesterdays antenna antics off by identifing which coaxial feeder was which, I did this simply by using a electronic test multi meter held across the SO plug connector at the shack end of the coax . At the other end I attached an old antenna socket shorted out with a croc link lead to the end of one feeder that I had suspected to be for 145MHz.

All I need now is some more spare time and a pair of good ladders so I can fit the Satellite antennas up on the house with some nice heavy brackets that I made a while ago.
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  • At 9:19 am, Blogger Unknown said…

    Installing the best kind of antenna to have better reception is somehow difficult. It takes a lot of time in to have it perfectly done. Anyway, have you tried using an antenna with a brass sheet? I'm using it as of now and it's really great, my reception for both TV and radio are clear.

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