Testing Out The New Satellite Antenna

Here is a quick video of the latest satellite gear in action. The first Call I made is through SO-50 on FM, followed by 3 QSO using SSB via VO-52 with SQ9MES - IW4BIF - EA6SA.

Thanks for all the comments regarding this project, as you can hear in the video I am getting my signal into the satellites quite well with the Ft-847 and Tripod array. I hope to work some more of you via the "birds" as its always a pleasure to catch some of you guys that actually follow my crazy antics. 73 Happy DXing and SAT Chasing.


Daniel Taverne said…
Simon, That antenna is awsome! I assume the antenna tracks automatically... is that via tracking a signal, or following the pre programmed orbital path.

I haven't visited before, so I'm not familier with your antenna build... I'll be checking it our.

I haven't tried using satellites yet, but am interested in trying. My blog is 'Ham Operator: KE5UTN' http://ke5utn.blogspot.com
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Daniel glad you like it. I use satscape software to get the tracking info and turn the antenna manually whilst working the bird.

I checked your site, looks good, all the best 73 tnx for the visit and comment.
MØYKS Simon said…
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