Final Antenna Installations Completed!

I am halfway through my two week break from work and I have had a great week so far spending lots of quality time with Louise, Dudley and our six and a half week baby Daughter. As you know from my last post I have also been busy in between times trying to get my antennas set up and working more effectively.

I finished off my antenna installations by putting up a second mast to support a Tri-band vertical covering 6m, 2m & 70cms. The shorter leg of my Carolina Windom is also attached to the same mast and terminates at my out building. You can also see Dudley keeping an eye on what's going on in the doorway.
My HF antennas are simple but effective, in the background is my Hustler 6BTV and the previously posted homemade radial kit. Hanging at about 30 feet is my Carolina CW-80 wire antenna which is working really well on all of the HF bands, so is the 6BTV. Its nice having both antennas fed into the FT1000mkv mp as I can easily switch between the two as and when required, making the most of the varied angles and radiation patterns that change throughout the day.

Here is a different angle showing my Sat array, CW-80 wire and Tri-Band Vertical nice and elevated up above the QTH.
Here is a close up of my Satellite Antennas comprising of a 16 element X beam, a 5 element Yagi and a G-5500 Rotator. This antenna set up is now putting an excellent signal into both FM and SSB Satellites. I changed the 145MHz Yagi back to Horizontal polarity allowing me to also use the sat set up whilst working on 144MHz SSB now that it is up high clear of obstructions.

Listen out for me via the birds and on the HF bands over the next few days as I test out the completed final Antenna installation, that is until my next antenna idea. 73 for now.


Mark GØNMY said…
Hi Simon,
I have been following your blog for a few years now, always good reading and good content.
Glad you have got your ariels up on the house, Although I just wanted to point out there does not seem to be any vertical support with the brackets you have used. After a couple of winter Gales etc the bolts can pull loose. Ideally you should have a K bracket at the bottom of the poles. I'd rather say something now while you still have the ladders etc than read in the future that the gales trashed your antennas and AZ/EL rotator.
Hope you dont mind. keep up the good work. 73 to you and your family. Mark GØNMY
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Mark, thanks for the comment and most of all thanks for the helpful advice. I will fit a next K type bracket sooner rather than later.

I was going to put a next fixing at the bottom of the pole but in the near future but after reading your comment I wont bother leaving it and risking it all.

Looks like I will be out in my new workshop again this week ;-) firing up my welding plant. (and loving it)

All the best Mark hope to hear you soon and see you on twitter.

de Simon and Family. 73

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