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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Raising The 145/435MHz Satellite Array
Earlier today we had a visit from a fellow Radio Amateur and friend Adam - 2E0LXA. I had asked Adam if he wouldn't mind lending a hand to fit my 145/435MHz Satellite Array up on the house. Adam installs antennas as well as supplies various radio communication equipment for a living so I was extremely fortunate to have his expertise on board and the antenna array went up a treat! Thanks Adam!

The 435MHz X beam and 5 Element 145MHZ Yagi dismantled from its tripod and fixed to a 15ft ally mast

Adam 2E0LXA up the ladder drilling the brick work to fix the home made "very heavy" mast brackets.

The result - 25 ft above the ground my 145/435MHz Satellite Array which is now working really well now it is clear of all obstructions. The tripod used previously was great but the house blocked signals from the south that were below 45° elevation which was a little annoying when the Sats passed by on that particular path. A problem no longer thanks to Adam and his ladders!

I borrowed Adams ladders for the rest of the day and also managed to fit my 6/2/70 Triband vertical up high on a second set of brackets I made. I attached a leg of my Carolina Windom off of the Triband vertical which now has also gained in height.

The remainder of my day was spent with the Family who are doing very well indeed seen below checking out the motor Cycles. I'll get some snaps of my Triband Vertical Antenna and post them tomorrow.

Happy Easter All, 73.
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