Operating 10 Meters during CQWW

Over the weekend I enjoyed some of the fantastic openings up on the 10 meter band during this years WWCQ Contest.

I managed to work some excellent DX for the first time in a long time up on 28MHz. The last time I heard conditions as good as they were, was back in the 80s when I was an avid 11 Meter DXer as well as a spotty faced teenager. My old President Adams at the time brought exotic signals to my early radio days.

I still have some old chicken box kit from way back which includes a couple of 40 channel AM rigs, an original colt as well as a little president AR7. I also have a Ham International Multimode II.

This years WWCQ contest was worked mainly on 10 Meters for me using my FT1000mp MKV field and Carolina Windom antenna (CW80). I exceeded my previous total of 15 Zones by spending my time up on 10m more or less throughout the contest and working a total of 21 World wide zones. This is the best I have done since getting on the air during WWCQ and I am pleasantly surprised how well my humble station is working for me at my relatively new QTH.

I made many great contacts into 25 different DXCC during the 2011 CQWW contest and had a lot of fun doing it.

Countries I worked include:

1 The USA

2 Argentina

3 Cyprus

4 Iceland

5 Uruguay

6 Montenegro

7 France

8 Kazakhstan

9 United Arab Emirates

10 Asiatic Russia

11 European Russia

12 China

13 Japan

14 French Guiana

15 Turks & Caicos

16 Costa Rica

17 Bermuda

18 Brazil

19 Surinam

20 Dominican Republic

21 Turkey

22 Canada

23 Greece

24 Morocco

25 The Gambia

As usual I made sure that I caught some of this years WWCQ contest on video whilst working up on Ten meters. The video shows lots of fantastic signals booming in from various World wide zones.

I hope you enjoy it. 73!


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Nice video Simon and the baby DXer. You really did a nice job. I also been a avid 11 Mtr DXer with more then 245 DXCC confirmed on that freeband. Worked with a Colt, Lafayette, Rystl, NATO 2000 and several President rigs. 10m is my favorite as it is like the good old 11 Mtrs. I don't know how many zones I worked but managed 23 new band DXCC at the end. For me Zone 6, 2 and 1 were the best and most difficult to work from this QTH. Hope to meet you some time on one of the bands. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Bas, tnx glad you liked it.

perhaps we made a qso in the old I days ;) I really had some good times on the 11 meter band for over 25 yrs. This weekend reminded me of my youth h.i I also had many cool little rigs over the years like Super Star 360, Cobra 148, President Adams, Lincoln, McKinley,Grant. Storker 9, Hygain V, and also a Lafayette & colt black shadow.

It would be great to catch you on 10M SSB and also FM would be cool.

Maybe we might both get some spare minutes in between the family fun-time possibly over the weekend to try for a qso sometime.

Happy Dx & 73.

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