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Monday, January 23, 2012
4U1WRC Special Call - On Air 23 Jan - 17 Feb
During my lunch breaks from work I usually get the chance to "ride shotgun" as my YL - Louise (M3TLL) picks me up from work and brings some lunch followed by a pleasant walk with our dog Dudley and baby daughter Elsie.

 I try to get 10 minutes of SWL-ing in as I eat my sandwich, catch up with Louise and grin like a fool at Elsie. Today however, we were waiting for a rainy spell to ease when I came across Nic operating  the World Radiocommunication Conference special call sign  4U1WRC

4U1WRC is operated at the station of  4U1ITU (International Telecommunication Union) which is located at thier headquarters in Geneva.
4U1WRC is only on the air from today 23rd of January until the 17th of February. There is a special QSL card to collect confirming DXCC Entity - ITU HQ EU 28 14.

Lucky for me I was told by ITU Op Nic that I was the first station to work the 2012 4U1WRC station, which was pretty cool especially from my mobile station.

Our QSO took place earlier today on the 20M band - 14.264MHz at around 12.12 utc. As usual the signals exchanged were nice and strong, I received Nic at 5/9+20 and my report was 5/9 solid copy.

I am still running the same equipment: YAESU FT-100 into a mono Band Maldol HFC 20 antenna. I have had several years of excellent results using the same radio and antenna that I got back in 2005.
I might consider changing the vehicle but the ham radio gear will be staying!

The FT-100 can be seen below

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