February QSO Challenge (Guest Post from M3TLL)

Hi everyone, Louise (M3TLL) here.

Louise - M3TLL and ham-in-the-making Elsie

Just thought I'd share with you a radio-themed challenge I've set 2E0HTS which begins tomorrow. Every day throughout February Simon must make at least one contact on the radio. There's no conditions other than he must post the callsign, frequency and time he works the contact here on his blog. It can be any band, any time of day, any country, mobile, portable or from home.

Feel free to join in his February QSO challenge or just visit his blog to see if he actually can make at least one radio contact every day. Listen out on the bands for 2E0HTS who should be more active than usual this month.

Now I just need to think of a reasonable forfeit (if he fails the challenge) and get some earplugs (in case he succeeds and I get sick of it!)

Good luck Simon!

M3TLL - Louise


Paul M0PCZ said…
Hi Simon, see you on 40m phone ?

73 Paul.
PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hi Louise and little QRP nd of course not to forget Simon. I wish I had a wife that would allow me to work at least one station every day this month. Wish you good luck with it and hopefully we meet somewhere. 73, Bas
Byron N4TIZ said…
good luck with the challenge simon and wonderful that your xyl is supporting your radio hobby! Lovely pics of your family. 73 and hope we can work on HF someday
Byron N4TIZ

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