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Friday, February 17, 2012
Day 17 February QSO Challenge

Today has been another busy day and things are going well as I continue working on the kitchen project. I had to collect some more supplies from the local hardware store so decided I would try and make a QSO at the same time while out in the mobile.

I flicked through the 20m band while heading over the moor top where I found a massive signal coming in on 14.215MHz. At 19.07utc I called HTS/m where I was received by CT7ACG - Colin who was coming through 5/9+60db. CT7ACG - Colin's report back to me was 5/9, our QSO lasted for 7 minutes and during it I found out Colin originated from Yorkshire and is now enjoying living in the Algarve in Portugal. CT7ACG Locator IM57VF,  total distance between our stations is 1190 miles.

Today's challenge has been completed with a very nice QSO using my FT-100 and Maldol HFC20 mobile antenna whilst on the move. 73

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