Day 22 February QSO Challenge

Today's challenge QSO was made on 18.147MHz at 20.36 utc. The HF bands were in reasonable shape at my end, I had heard Japan on 40m and some strong US stations coming in well on 20m.

On 17m I heard a big signal working a steady pile up of stations which turned out to be a DX station located 4167 miles away on the Island of Martinique, IOTA, NA-107 in The West Indies.
The station I was hearing with a 5/9 signal was FM1FV - Manuel, locator FK94LO. I tried calling FM1FV for a good 20 minutes before my signal made it through the big guns that were also calling. Finally patience and determination paid off and I eventually broke through the pile up managing a good QSO with a couple of overs. I received a 5/9 signal report back from the station of FM1FV- Manuel.

During the QSO I used my Carolina Windom 80m - 10m wire Antenna and YAESU FT-1000MP MARK-V Transceiver. 73 enjoy the band conditions!


Phaze58 said…
I miss the bung, and the garden, guess Ille have to make the best of things here,Ime hoping to go to Blackpool rally this year and pick up a mag loop or something I can use at the BoF here at quebec towers.

I can hear a few stations, but I mostley use PSK-31 and 25 Watts. to a bit of wire dangling out the window.keep up the nice work Si

de M1PAC

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