Day 24 February QSO Challenge

I completed today's QSO challenge as set by my YL M3TLL - Louise by working VE3YJ at 1905 utc on 14.195MHz. VE3YJ - Rocco was calling CQ DX when I came across his very respectable 5/9 signal. I gave a call back to Rocco where I received a 5/3 report back during a nice conversion about our equipment as well as mentioning that we had worked each other on 40m and 17m in the past.

I was pleased with my 5/3 report and enjoyed the QSO with Rocco as I got to test out both of my HF antennas, my CW80- Carolina Windom and Hustler 6BTV with radials. The test this evening provided me with matching signal reports both on transmit and receive, the radials on my Hustler vertical seem to have made a noticeable improvement. I was using 50w from my FT1000 MKV, Rocco - VE3YJ was running 1KW into his very nice 4 Element Yagi as seen pictured above.

Another fine QSO challenge completed at a total distance between our two stations of 3460 miles to Guelph, Ontario. Locator EN93UN.


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