Day 27 February QSO Challenge

I made my first QSO of today at 21.18 utc on 3.771MHz where I worked Patrick operating special event station EI80IRTS. EI80IRTS celebrates the 80th anniversary of the founding of The Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) .
Patrick was working a huge pile up and putting out a very impressive 5/9 +40dB signal when I snook my call sign in amongst the many stations through to EI80IRTS. I received a 5/9 +20dB signal report back as well as some information about the IRTS up and coming CQIR International Radio Contest taking place on March the 17th from 12.00 utc. Check out more information about the station EI80IRTS including the EI80IRTS award via

Today's QSO challenge has been completed, the equipment I used was: FT-1000MKV and CW80 Antenna. 73


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