Day 29 February QSO Challenge

My 29th QSO - final Challenge was succeeded as I made a QSO tonight on 14.196MHz.
I ended the challenge by working "Cubical Quad Master" Mike-W2YP at 21.13 utc on the 20m band.
As usual Mike-W2YP was cracking through at 5/9+25dB to my FT-1000MKV and CW80 antenna, my report back from Mike was 5/9+15dB. It was a real pleasure to catch up with Mike as it had been a while since our last QSO and Mike always has time to exchange a few enjoyable overs rather than just a signal report. Mike is located in New Rochelle, New York State, locator FN30CX. The total distance of the W2YP Station is 3328 Miles away from my location hear in Yorkshire (IO93CU).

I have certainly enjoyed this challenge of making at least one QSO a day. Louise-M3TLL(My YL) came up with the idea and I am pleased to have accomplished the challenge with success as well as gaining some satisfaction out of it all. There could be a celebration cake on the dinner table tomorrow h.i. The actual idea it would be a challenge did not seem much to begin with. However keeping up with blogging the daily report and station information as well as finding a band that is open or sometimes just someone to work was not always so easy.
The one thing I did realise is that making a QSO on a daily basis is always possible without to much problem as there are so many different ways to do it. I am certainly going to try continue to do this as I found that I was enthused to operate different modes and try working bands that I don't use as regularly as I might like to.

Thanks very much for keeping up with my daily reports and also thank you to all of the stations I claimed the QSO challenge of the day with. It was a pleasure working ham radio Op's for our first QSO as well as working my regular ham radio friends. I also ended up with some interesting call signs in my log!

Best 73 & many Tnx de Simon 2E0HTS & Louise - M3TLL.


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Congratulations Simon. Indeed it is possible to make a QSO on a daily basis. With al these possebilities it takes only 5 minutes I think. But to have a interesting QSO like you had on your last day of the challenge is more difficult. Anyway, I enjoyed your daily blog posts. 73, Bas
Hans said…
Hi Simon,


73 de Hans, PE1BVQ

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