Day 5 February QSO Challenge

The QSO challenge for Day 5 was made on the 80M band at 20.11 utc where I worked DO1HEP - Hermann operating SSTV on 3.730 MHz. I was sending some slow scan CQ Calls when Hermann - DO1HEP received my signal and came back with some of his own slow scan TV images as seen below.

DO1HEP - Hermann was using Yaesu FT-897, 100W into a long wire antenna. I was using 25W from my FT-1000 with a RIGBlaster plus interface and Mmsstv software into my Windom antenna. I don't operate SSTV as much as I would like to and enjoyed making this QSO. Our stations are at a total distance of 515.6 miles apart, I am pleased with my completed challenge of the day. 73


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Nice one Simon, I've been very active with SSTV on VHF 10 years ago. But on HF not too much. I've always thought about testing digital SSTV software some time. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Bas, tnx for commenting I would like very much to make a SSTV qso with PE4BAS in the possible future. I have just made another nice SSTV QSO just now with DL6BBE and can already feel the bug biting hi hi. I am going to be listening down here (3.730) until bedtime and maybe again throughout the week. Take care and 73 to you and the family.
de Simon 2E0HTS

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