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Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Day 8 February QSO Challenge
After a busy day I finally fired up my shack and began listening up and down the bands to see what I could hear and possibly work. I spent an hour or so checking out the HF bands to find most of the bands to be closed down for the day.
I checked out the lower bands where I heard a Japanese station coming in with a weak signal working a huge pile up down on 80m. Apart from that nothing much of great interest was going on.

At 22.15 utc I had my Satellite antennas beaming a 315º and my Ft-847 was on standby for LEO SAT Saudi Oscar 50 - SO-50 , when I heard CT2GOY - Jose.
CT2GOY was coming in well at 5/9 when I gave him a call via the SO-50 Satellite. We made our QSO at 22.21 utc where I received a 5/7 signal report back from locator IM58KP.

We worked each other via the SO-50 Satellite cross band repeater orbiting Earth at an altitude of 405 miles.
Our QSO was made using a 145.850MHz uplink and  436.795MHz  +/-  downlink from the Space craft.
The distance apart between our two ground stations is 1107 Miles.

Another out of this World QSO challenge for Day 8 completed, 73.
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