Quebec & Oscar Special Call Signs

Over the next few months I shall be active with a couple of different temporary call signs marking both the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen, as well as the London 2012 Olympics.

The first of the two temporary call signs will be Diamond Jubilee special call “Q – Queen” with 2Q0HTS active on all bands from 80m upward & Satellites. The 2Q0HTS call can be heard from 00.00 BST 5 May 2012 to 23.59 BST 10 June 2012.

I shall be active with the other Special Call Sign later in the summer when the London 2012 Olympics begin. I shall be using my temporary Olympic call sign 2O0HTS. You can also hear this Special “Qscar” call active across the bands from 80m up, starting from 00.00 BST 21 July 2012 to 23.59 BST 9 September 2012 inclusive.
I am looking forward to using both of my temporary special call signs and hope to work some of you somewhere across the bands in the process! 73


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