EasyPal On 80M

The past few evenings have been quiet up on the usual HF bands so I decided to have have a play around with EasyPal down on 80M. Here are a couple of nice quality images that I received with my FT-1000 transceiver hooked up to my PC.

                                       Received by 2E0HTS, transmitted from the amateur station G0MJD


Received by 2E0HTS, transmitted from the amateur station DB2HS

I did manage a nice QSO into Jan Mayen earlier tonight when I worked JX9JKA on 40m. Signal reports were up at 5/9 both ways with some strong QSB thrown in! I have worked JX9JKA Svein before up on 20m, I was pleased to catch him this time in a pile up on 40m with my Windom antenna.

 73 Happy DX


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Some nice activities Simon. Did experiment with easypal and worked Jan Mayen on several bands as well. Nice to hear he is also active on 40. I hope to work him one of these days over there. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Bas, tnx I like easypal but still find it a bit tedious. It was a good opening on 40m into Jan Mayen I will be listening out for some more nice stations to work!

73 best wishes to the BAS Family.

de Simon

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